The War Against Black Men & Boys

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Do you know who George Junius Stinney, Jr. was?

Facts About George:

1. George Junius Stinney, Jr. (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944), was an African American youth unfairly convicted, at age 14, of murdering two white girls, ages 7 and 11, in his hometown of Alcolu, South Carolina. He was executed by electric chair in June of that year. The court refused to hear his appeal. The appeals on his behalf to the governor for clemency were denied. He is the youngest American to be sentenced to death and executed.[1] A re-examination of the Stinney case began in 2004, and several individuals and Northeastern University School of Law sought a judicial review. His conviction was overturned in 2014, 70 years after he was executed when a court ruled that he had not received a fair trial.”- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2. “Stinney was convicted of first-degree murder of the two girls in less than 10 minutes by an all-white jury, during a two hour trial.[5] The court refused to hear his appeal. He was executed that year, still age 14, by electric chair.”- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. “The officers escorted him to the execution room where they placed him in the electric chair, using a thick book (either a telephone directory[16] or a Bible) as a booster seat because George was so small.[17] - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Do you know who Emmett Till was?

Facts About Emmett:

1. Emmett Till was savagely beaten to death in 1955. He was also 14.

2. I can’t continue imagining the fear in their eyes or the tears they sobbed as their lives were brutally ripped away from them, surrounded by a mob of murderers with no chance of escape.

3. The woman who falsely accused Emmett of “flirting”, Carolyn Bryant Donham is 85, still alive and has NEVER been punished. She later admitted it was all a lie.

Many black people die nameless. Black women and girls as well as trans people are also mercilessly slaughtered each day. Racism, sexism and murder don’t just happen in the south and they didn’t just happen in the past. We are numbed by seeing countless black men, women and children gunned down by police. I am no longer shocked or surprised by this monstrous hatred towards black people, especially aimed at black men. Our leaders are destroyed too.

Look at lynching photos where "good Christian" families have picnics, cook lots of food, put on their "Sunday best", bring the kids and lynch black men, women and children. To proudly cherish their memories, they even took pictures. Everyone is smiling, even the children. Those murderers grew up and had children too. All that hatred has been happily passed down from generation to generation. The cycle continues with racism taking the shape of continued blatant murder/violence, housing discrimination, higher rates of incarceration, increased unemployment, increased spearation of black families, drug addicted communities, homelessness, hunger and poverty.

As a single black mother, with giant black sons, living in “Trump’s America”, life is often way more terrifying than any horror movie. The history of hatred towards black people is well documented. Black men and boys are still murdered daily on and off camera with little to no consequence, by a racist police and legal system who employ the most hate and fear filled monsters to "serve and protect".

Yes, black girls are most certainly at risk too. Yes, women are in danger too. We all face many struggles. I know black people aren’t the only oppressed people who are slaughtered with complete disregard for our lives. Still, unless you have a black son, you have no idea how scary raising a black boy in this world is every damn day. I’m writing this for black men & boys, black mothers, black people, all people of color, those who love black people, parents of black children and ALL allies. I am thankful and grateful for you.

Moving to an all white neighborhood in Pittsburgh, in 1989 and being the only black girl in class for most of my life lead to a lot of bullying. Even well meaning little white kids surrounded me and stared or said some of the most inconsiderate bullshit I’ve ever heard. In 4th grade a cute little blonde girl wanted to touch my hair & said, "I didn't known black people's hands are white on the other side." 🤷🏼‍♀️ I told her my feet are too. Confused, because wtf, I went home and asked my mom why she moved us here from Chicago.

She explained that she got a better job here and that this school district is one of the best in the country. Still, at 10 I didn't understand that my mom was from the West Side of Chicago and wanted a safer environment for her children. I just felt like a walking science project, constantly poked, proded, touched, stared at, laughed at or belittled. She explained "they" (white people) often didn't know any better and many had never seen a black person before. I was pissed and exclaimed, "It's not my fault she's ignorant. Why do I have to be understanding but SHE doesn't?"

In 9th grade I was told in class, “There’s a difference between black people and Niggers and you’re a black person.” That same freshmen year of highschool, I was called a Nigger for the first time, right to my face, loud AS F*CK during lunch. I had never been in a fight before but was filled with years of repressed rage. I beat this bitches ass to the best of my ability, shoved her into the fancy salad bar at school, then turned into a "White Woman in America" mixed with Maxine Waters. Teachers grabbed me so I would stop punching her. I told them to, "Get their hands the f*CK off of me" and walked to the principal. I made him call my mama.

I told her, "This bitch at school called me a Nigger so I beat her ass. I'm not sorry. I won't apologize and if she EVER CALLS ME A NIGGER AGAIN, I WILL BEAT HER ASS AGAIN." My mom handled the principal. I left school early that day and got in school suspension for fighting. She got out of school suspension for calling me a Nigger which is stupid to me. Her punishment was to stay home from school while I sat in detention.

Fast forward to 2019. My youngest son is in 6th grade and growing up in the same suburbs I grew up in. He told me a girl at school said she hates him, grabbed his throat and squeezed it trying to choke him. He slapped her hand away and grabbed her neck. First I asked what this girl's name is and where this happened. He said it happened at lunch. I said, "Babe, you can't put your hand on her throat." His eyes widened as he asked, “So I’m just supposed to let her choke me?”

I recanted my statement and told him, “No. Always defend yourself if anyone is actively attacking you. Still, do your best to keep it from escalating and find the closest adult. That's why I always tell you and your brother to watch the company you keep and only surround yourself with winners because black boys are always punished more severely even in self defense. I said to find a teacher to notify the principal and call me immediately." I am that mom that will drop whatever I'm doing, show up at school and contact the superintendent if the principal doesn't stop my children from being harrassed.

Calling a lawyer will be the next step if this bullying continues. My son can't beat this little girl up like I would have because it will all be blamed on him like last year in 5th grade when an older yet smaller white boy tried to punch my son in the face. My son stopped this bully from assaulting him with a slap in the face and knee to the stomach. I was proud. Then the little demon told the principal my son beat him up. LUCKILY an awesome mom I know saw this and literally said to the principal, "No. That kid is a liar. HE started it. We are NOT blaming the black kid."

Now I understand why my mom brought us here. Though we face plenty of struggles living in the burbs, I know first hand how black kids in most public schools are handled by staff, security, police and even other children. Our public schools consistently fail our students who often suffer from broken homes, abuse, neglect, trauma, learning disabilities and mental health issues that often go unnoticed/untreated. Both of my sons have had their lives threatened or been leered at by men AND women in a sexual way before the age of 10. They tried to suspend my oldest son two days before highschool grauation for a rule violation commited by a white student. I made SURE to bring a recorder and taped the meeting with the principal so he understood I was going to report him. You can be a black person with black daughters and STILL not understand the hatred geared towards black men and boys.

"One little lie" is how Emmett Till was falsely accused of "flirting" and Murdered. George Stinney Jr. was only fourteen when he was taken from his parents, accused of murder with no evidence, sat upon a stack of books including a Bible because he was too small to fit a grown mans seat and electricuted for a crime he didn't commit. One false rape accusation or calling the police on black men and boys most often leads to DEATH. No court. No Judge. No Jury. No trial.

How do I navigate this world with giant black sons as a single black mother? We all struggle and suffer. Still, the black man is the MOST hated and murdered man on the planet. How do I help them to survive and thrive? Homeschooling? Move to another country? What are your suggestions? All the prayers and well wishes in the world aren’t enough. What would u do? What has your experience with racism been like? What solutions do you suggest? Do you have a black son or black children? Please comment below.