I Found My Brother on Facebook

I met my brother Charles for the first time EVER on New Years day! We had never met in person before. He's at my house right now. I'm writing this at work. I will be off in a few hours and we are going to have lots of loud laughs. I found him on Facebook on April 11, 2011 at 11:49 P.M. two months after his dad died. He still lived in Chicago where I was born. For years we talked over the phone, texted and video chatted. We FINALLY met in person at the Greyhound Station in Pittsburgh on January 1, 2016. We are complete opposites yet so alike! We look alike! We laugh alike! He's hilarious! I love genetics! I woke up on New Years Eve early in the morning. I wanted to see my brother in person. I inboxed him on Facebook.

Me: What r u doing today?

Charles: Remembering mom. Today was the day she passed. I talked to her for the 1st time last night.

Me: She's been waiting for u to say hi. I talk to her all the time. She forgives me for being mad at her and loves us. I forgive her and love her too. You know what? Fuck that! Bring ur ass today! A bus ticket is $100. I have that. I'm completely serious. She died two years ago today. U will NOT die before we meet and God willing I won't either. Bring ur ass. I will buy u a ticket right fucking now. U will be here by morning. There is a 10 PM bus. I'm booking the ticket now. Consider it a late Christmas Gift for both of us! One way ticket baby bro. No more waiting. So wussup?

Charles: O.K. I am all in.

We always wanted to meet, hug, laugh and smoke a blunt. We have now done that! It's weird. I thought it would be strange but its not. When I woke up that morning I felt safer. I felt like he had my back and I had his. I felt like we didn't even have a lot of catching up to do even though we had never met until now. I was wrong. From there, a roller coaster ride of happiness and excitement turned into me never wanting to go home because a stranger was in my house who

The experience was one I never expected. We clashed in ways I wasn't ready for. I won't sit here and say negative things about my brother. I WILL however say that I had not thought this out well at all. He came here and acted like I was Daddy Warbucks and he was Orphan Annie. It seemed he planned to live off of me. I am like the beast from "Beauty and The Beast". I am used to spending a lot of time alone. He's used to being surrounded by people. I'm particular. He's more "go-with-the-flow". I grew up in the suburbs. He grew up in the hood. We are like night and day. My plan was for us to grow as people and build a strong team that would make accomplishing goals our main priority. My plan failed. He was supposed to stay until May. He had to leave by February. He threatened to go to a shelter a few times. I won't get into every last argument we had and I won't act like I'm always right or easy to live with.

That is partly why I keep to myself. In the course of a month, I met a man in person I had wondered about all of my life only to find out living together would became unbearable after three days.