Do Black Lives Really Matter?

As a single black mother with two giant black sons living in the suburbs, I have a unique perspective on how much “Black Lives Matter”. I am a strict mom and don’t cut my sons much slack because the world won’t. I also love them unconditionally, work to build their self-esteem and teach them to be self-sufficient gentlemen. I have suffered racism, prejudice and ignorance while going to school in almost all white neighborhoods for being too “black”. In predominately black neighborhoods, I was outcast for sounding too “white”. I was almost jumped in elementary school by three black girls while briefly living on the North Side of Pittsburgh. That same year, when I moved to Mount Lebanon a girl in my fourth grade class stopped me in front of everyone and said, “I didn’t know black people’s hands were white on the other side.”

I still live in the burbs because the educational system running Pittsburgh Public Schools often fails its students AND faculty. Now my sons go to the same schools I went to. I do my best to make sure I do my part as a parent, they do their part as students and the school district does its part in helping provide a quality education for my children that will help them excel each day. My sons are beautiful. I see people say my younger son is SO "cute" though they are noticeably uncomfortable around my six foot three, 310 pound, size seventeen shoe wearing, sixteen year old son. My younger son will (God willing) get older too. Will he still be "cute" then or just another nigga?

I see how some people who don’t have a racist bone in their bodies don’t see that MANY people DO and secretly discriminate in hiring, housing or in other quiet ways due to limited thinking. I see reverse discrimination and racism as well as homophobia running rampant in many black communities too. No one here is blameless. Black on Black crime is ALWAYS too high. Police killing black people on and off camera then getting away with it proves lynching hasn’t ended.

I have giant black sons in a world that seems to hate black boys and men. Its scary. Unless you have black sons, especially GIANT black sons, you have no idea the fear I face daily. Police brutality AND Hood Mentality KILL Black men, women AND children. I do my best to not be annoyed at them long cuz they are in danger outside. They need peace at home. I'm not leaving the suburbs until my kids are in college and STILL they are not safe. People who say I'm overreacting are not faced with the same dilemma.

I know how the world sees us. I SEE their fear. I SEE the hate in the eyes of evil people. Pittsburgh is a VERY racist city. Maybe YOU are not racist but this WORLD is racist and full of ignorant people who KILL other people because of their ridiculous beliefs. Books ARE judged by their cover. I don't expect justice on the stolen land my ancestors built. I just pray to see my sons grow old and raise their own children. I pray they live their lives in peace and happiness. I pray for my brothers. I pray for my friends. I pray for women and children. I pray for me and I pray for you. I too, "know why the caged bird sings".

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